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Annual Audits

Trust the professionals!

Make sure your business never fails an audit, Cool Dynamics Electrical have all the right equipment to make sure all Australian standards are met!


Cool Dynamics Electrical offer Calibration services to all existing and new clients with NATA certified equipment to make sure you pass all of your audits! Precision temperature measurement is an essential component of all aspects of food preparation and preservation.

We have certifications for all our equipment to prove everything complies and make sure you do not fail your audit!

Rooms can be calibrated either every 6 months or 12 months. You let us know what suits your business better – we will make sure you never miss a calibration with a friendly reminder service we offer to all existing customers.

Cool Dynamics Electrical have experienced technicians that will come and test your equipment and record all results accurately, ensuring all data is correct and all standards are met.

There are no call out fees or travel fees, our price won’t be beaten!


Thermal Imaging is an essential part of all commercial & industrial businesses as part of their maintenance on switchboards. Thermal imaging helps detect, troubleshoot and fix potential problems before it occurs, it prevents some costly problems that could arise such as shutdowns or outages for your business.

We provide you with a detailed report specifying any potential irregularities found including images taken of the switchboard.


  • Identify potential irregularities 
  • Reduces equipment failure
  • Reduces repair costs
  • Prevent fire/explosion 
  • Protection of your assets


It is imperative that your building has clear evacuation strategies in place for any emergency. Regular emergency light testing & exit light testing will ensure your business has a clear exit path and will reduce any potential hazards in case of a black out and electrical failure.

Cool Dynamics Electrical can inspect and test your emergency lights and exit lights to maintain safety in your building. We provide you with a report and can send you a friendly reminder when your building is due for this test to help remain compliant.  


Cool Dynamics Electrical offer testing and tagging to your electrical appliances. If you have electrical equipment at your building, you must have it tested regularly to the current Australian work safe standards. 

It is your duty to ensure you are providing a safe workplace for your employees. Testing & Tagging is an essential aspect of preventative maintenance at your work place.

We set each client up with a database so that when we return the following years the costs for regular testing are minimal and cost effective for their business.